Forensic Toxicology

  • Virtual Unit Packet

    • 13.1. Introduction to Forensic Toxicology And 13.2 Toxicology Basics and Pharmaceuticals

      • Objectives: Become familiar with the basics of forensic toxicology and pharmaceuticals including important concepts and vocabulary.

      • 13.1+2 Notes

      • Vocabulary Assignment

    • 13.3 Poisons and Toxins

      • Objectives: Describe the different types of poisons/toxins and their method of action on the human body.

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    • 13.4 Drugs of abuse

      • Objectives: Describe the different classifications of drugs, examples of each, their origins, extent of abuse and the laws in place to regulate them.

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    • 13.5 Alcohol

      • Objectives; describe the laws, toxicology and effects associated with alcohol and its consumption

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    • 13.6 practice of forensic toxicology

      • Objectives; Describe the different techniques used in forensic toxicology for collecting samples and quantifying drugs/toxins present.

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    • Drug Research Project

    • Toxicology Exam