Unit 7

Document Analysis, Arson and Explosives

Period 4 Calendar

Period 6 Calendar

Chapter 14: Forensic Arson and Explosives

Arson: SW determine what evidence to look for during an arson investigation, how to properly package arson evidence, what tests can be done and what signs may distinguish an accidental fire from arson.

Explosives: SW explain the differences between the various classes of explosives, how explosives work and how an investigation involving explosives may be carried out.

Chapter 17: Forensic Document Analysis, Photographic and Video Analysis, and Voice

Document Analysis: SW perform handwriting analysis and comparisons on questioned documents and describe various techniques that are used by forensic scientists in questioned document analysis.

Virtual Investigation

Virtual Investigation 

The main objective of this virtual investigation is going to be to answer the following question: 

You will be given the reports of the crimes and the ‘physical evidence’ for which you will need to requests what kind of analysis you want performed (if you cant perform it yourself). Ex:

The request forms can be found on The Lab page of the website