Unit 2

Science as a verb

Period 4 Calendar

Period 6 Calendar

Chapter 3: Science, Pseudoscience and The Law

(Unit Presentation)

  • 3.1 A test for science: science vs pseudoscience in the courtroom

    1. Objectives: SW describe the difference between science and pseudoscience and be able to distinguish between the two.

3.2 Statistics and probability in forensics

Objectives: Students will use probability to calculate the statistical significance of ‘DNA Matches’ and explain where the statistics come from.

3.3 Ethics in Forensics

Objectives: SW describe what must be done for a forensic investigation to be considered ethical.

Chapter 4: Methods for Examining Biological Evidence

4.1 Methods for biological examination

    • Objectives: SW account for uncertainty in measurements and calculations and how to round properly in terms of significant figures

4.2 Biological evidence and microscopy

Objectives: SW describe how a lens works and how a microscope works, its parts and their functions.

4.3 Optical Microscopy

Objectives: SW describe the various types of optical microscopes, the functional differences between them and when each of them are utilized.

4.4 Electron Microscopy

Objectives: SW explain the underlying principles that electron microscopes function upon, how samples are prepared and physical limitations to the technique. SW explain the differences between SEM and TEM

Marking Period 1 Project: Forensic Professional


Pick any topic in forensic science. You will be presenting this topic to the class in the form of a 5-7 minute power point presentation. The object is to familiarize yourself, as well as your classmates, on this topic. The power point should include all necessary pictures, drawings, vocabulary etc. You will provide the narrative. Remember this is a presentation, you are not using the power point as a teleprompter to read from. Provide your resources on one of the last slides. Write 5 test questions on your presentation (worth 25 points of your presentation); either fill-in or short answer style with the answers.

  • Topic and abstract submission due October 5th : emailed to john.donohue@ecsdm.org

    • What to include in your abstract: What profession do you want to research, what do you know about it already and why do you want to research that profession? In the case that multiple students want the same topic, it will go to which ever student submitted their abstract first. If the abstract was submitted within the same period, it will be determined by rock-paper-scissors.

  • Project due date October 20th

Information to include (but not limited too):

  • Who are they?

  • What do they do?

  • When would they be involved in a forensic investigation?

  • When have they been used (find a specific trial and give a short summary of their involvement and contribution)

  • What kind of background is needed (education and experience) to become one?

  • What are their lives like?

    • What does the job demand (traveling, long hours, etc.)\

    • How much do they make?

    • Is this typically the only thing they do or is it one of multiple jobs they do? (if there aren’t enough cases that call for them, what do they do?)

  • Anything else you found to be important or interesting