Unit 5

Pathology, Radiology, Hair, Fiber and Fingerprints

Period 4 Calendar

Period 6 Calendar

Unit Investigation: The Hotel Heiress

Chapter 8: Forensic Medicine: The Inside Story

Pathology and Medicine:


  • Objectives: Students will explain how the various radiological tools work, what information can be attained in their use and become familiar with human anatomy

  • Research: notes 8.2

  • Practice:

  • Investigate: Get X-rays of our victim for you to analyze

Chapter 7: Anatomical Evidence: The Outside Story



  • Objectives: Students will analyze hair samples and explain what kinds of information can be attained through hair analysis.

  • Research: Notes 7.3

  • Practice:

  • Investigate: Get warrant for victim hair, suspects hairs, crime scene hair (on inside of duct tape)


  • Objectives: Students will analyze various fibers, classify them based on their origins and explain how they can be used in forensic investigations.

  • Research:

  • Practice:

  • Investigate: Get search warrant for duct tape from suspects homes